Why Sharp OSA?

Sharp OSA

Sharp OSA

Sharp Open Systems Architecture provides fast, flexible access to documents no matter where you are in the office.

Sharp OSA technology allows you to transform your MFP into a customized portal helping employees at every level of your organization by optimizing investment, reducing costs, enhancing productivity, and simplifying IT management.

Sharp OSA Technology Benefits:

Optimized Investments – Sharp OSA technology extends Sharp MFP functions and provides value-added features to maximize corporate investments.

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How is Toner Made?

Toner Manufacturing

What is Toner and How is it Made?

Toner is the medium used in printers and copiers to imprint your images and text to paper. It is a dry powder that comes in four colors…cyan, magenta, yellow and black which when combined, can create any color in the spectrum.

According to Malvern Labs, toner consists primarily of resins, a charge agent control, carbon black, wax and iron oxide. The resins give toner the ability to be a fine powder at first, then melt at a relatively low temperature and form a plastic solid that binds with copy paper.

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Sharp AIP OSA Applications

Sharp OSA Technology

Sharp OSA Applications

A suite of Sharp-developed applications is available through Sharp authorized dealers who enrolled in the Authorized Integrator Program (AIP). These applications are centrally managed, simplifying IT administration tasks. Most AIP applications are designed to complement most popular Microsoft environments.

MX-SW100 Print Release Software

The MX-SW100 software is an ideal tool for workgroups in any organization seeking to balance the often-conflicting demands for increased security, user convenience, and cost reduction. MX-SW100 print release software is a low-cost and user-friendly solution. Integrating with Microsoft Active Directory® or local database, it is designed for IT administrators to implement a print release solution throughout the organization.

Key Features Include:

  • On-demand print release to secure confidential information
  • Print release from any connected and supported Sharp MFP
  • ID card swipe to facilitate authentication process
  • Flexible print setting and finishing option on the MFP touch screen

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Copier Vendor and Industry Terminology

Copier Industry Terminology

Copier and Industry Terminology

When it comes to successfully selecting a copier solution for your business office, it is first important to understand some of the features and terminology that are standard for the industry. Understanding the basics and being able to communicate in a competent manner with a potential vendor or sales rep will go a long way in helping you make the right decision. For your convenience, we have compiled a list of the copier industry terminology.

ADF – Automated Document Feeder is device on a copier used to feed multiple sheets of paper into a printer or scanner.

Analog – Older copiers that employ a positively charged drum and paper, and negatively charged toner. While an analog copier’s main advantage is simplicity, they lack in productivity, efficiency, quality, reliability and integration with computers.

Bond – A standard type of print or copy paper.

Booklet – The process of imposing or arranging pages on duplexed documents so they appear in the correct order when folded in half.

Business Color – Refers to a general class of color printing that has looser requirements around color accuracy and doesn’t necessarily need to be an exact color match.

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Sharp MX-B201D


Sharp MX-B201D

The Sharp MX-B201D Digital Multifunction Document System is big on performance, but compact in size. Designed for small offices and workgroups, the MX-B201D delivers all the required features for fast-paced, small office environments. With 20 page-per-minute copying/printing and integrated color scanning, your office workflow won’t miss a beat. A 50-sheet document feeder provides standard 2-sided scanning for extra efficiency, as well as duplex printing and copying. The cost-effective, consumable system utilizes a three-component system that’s easy to replace and easy on your wallet. And since business never stands still, the MX-B201D offers flexible options to add Super G3 faxing, networking and web-based management…so you’ll be ready for anything.

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Why Communicate With Color in Business

Print In Color To Communicate To Customers

Why Color Is Important

Did you know that color could have positive and negative effects in your business or office? While many entrepreneurs and SMBs are looking to take advantage of market opportunities, many owners and executives are not considering how simple elements like color can communicate complex ideas and have significant and multi-faceted impact on their business. Below are the results of a study on how color affects certain aspects of your business environment and/or operations.

Are you in accounting and need to get invoices paid faster?

  • Color improves payment response time up to 30%

Are you in sales and need to accelerate a deal?

  • Color increases purchase motivation up to 80%

In marketing and trying to generate awareness?

  • 87% of consumers are more likely to notice color marketing materials over black and white

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Sharp Scan 2 Technology

Sharp Scan 2 Technology Fluent Technologies

Double Your Productivity With Sharp Scan 2 Technology

Sharp has been on the front lines of developing innovative consumer and business technology for many years. Sharp’s business line of high-performance multifunctional copiers and document systems deliver exceptional quality with increased productivity making them an industry leader in office technology.

Sharp never stops researching and developing new technology that helps businesses run more efficient, more secure and more productive, helping eliminate overhead, saving companies time and money. One particular technology developed by Sharp is Scan 2 technology. While their Scan 2 technology has been around for years, many people are unaware of its capability.

So, what is Scan² mean anyway? Well, most of the Sharp multifunction copiers come with this innovative Scan² technology developed by Sharp that allows two-sided documents to be scanned in a single pass. It is really as easy as it sounds! Imagine how this could double productivity at the copier and improve reliability. Scanning and copying documents in a single pass maximizes productivity while minimizing the chance of a misfeed.

All Copy Products Merges With North Star Digital Imaging


DENVER, CO MAY 28, 2015 – Furthering its goal of bringing digital office equipment, IT services and best-in-class customer service to its clients, All Copy Products has agreed to acquire North Star Digital Imaging, a Toshiba dealer that has been serving the office equipment industry in Colorado since 1999.

All Copy Products is synonymous as a leader in the office equipment industry; as we continue to build our brand, acquiring strong companies like North Star Digital Imaging will give us the ability to expand our reach and provide better customer service to all our clients. All Copy Products is excited to bring over the whole North Star staff into the All Copy Products family.

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Color Meaning and How They Communicate?

What Colors Mean

What Do Colors Mean and How Do They Communicate?

Did you know that color can actually communicate? Color is the first thing people interpret when looking at something whether it’s browsing the internet, making a purchase or looking at a piece of marketing material or even an invoice. Subconsciously or consciously the human brain is registering colors which are tied to our emotions, a state of mind or preconceived ideas. Whether you know it or not, colors actually have a very significant effect on us psychologically and physiologically.

Below is an outline of what each color typically represents and how and when it should be used to communicate your ideas, thoughts and/or visions.

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Sharp Multi-Functional Security Suite

Copier Data Security

Sharp – A Leader in MFP and Printer Security

In today’s instant and constant communication world, there is a vast array of technologies where all types of devices create, share, store and transmit data. As MFPs and printers become parts of organizations’ integrated document workflows and business processes, security becomes a serious concern. While technology plays a critical role in the success and profitability of today’s emerging companies and it has revolutionized the way we do business, it is important that we address and understand certain vulnerabilities and that customer’s confidential information stays confidential and safe. Sharp addresses these concerns by providing a suite of integrated security features designed to help protect your information and document assets.

Sharp is proud to have a long history in designing MFPs and printers that meet the most demanding needs of commercial and government clients. Sharp received the first Common Criteria Validation for an MFP in 2001, remaining a highly rated company today and is regarded as one of the industry’s greatest security innovators.

Sharp addresses customer security concerns by implementing an iron-clad, multi-layered approach. The Sharp Security Suite provides protections that help insure data and information security, access control security, network security, fax security, document security, print driver security, Sharp OSA technology-enabled security applications and audit trail security.

Ensuring data security and information confidentiality is often driven by IT security guidelines; however, many organizations must employ security and information protection measures mandated by law, standards and regulating agencies, or by the federal government.

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