It’s never too late to start recycling and making a difference in your community. Whether you’re a Fluent customer or not, Fluent Technologies is dedicated to providing a simple and free recycling program. Fluent Technologies offers free recycling for electronics and printer, copier, MFP consumables including: cartridges, bottles, toner collection containers, drum units, cell phones, laptops, iPads, tablets and notebooks. With your help and the help of others, Fluent Technologies can continue to support our environment, community and local charities. There is NO excuse NOT to recycle with Fluent…Simply Put, It’s Easy and Free!  



  • It’s Free
  • Recycling contributes to your company’s “GREEN” initiatives
  • Supports your local community
  • Reduces waste
  • Reduces your carbon footprint
  • Enhances your company image


  • You can drop off your empty toner cartridges at your company’s free toner recycling bin
  • In the area? You’re always welcome to stop by our office for a visit and drop them off


As part of our continued commitment to our environment and community, our recycling program goes beyond just keeping our environment clean but also directly benefits local Colorado charities. With your help and the help of 1,000 of business, our recycling program raises money every year for the local community and charities. If you are part of our mailing list we will take a poll as to which charity will receive the donation every year.

Fluent Recycling Program…Recycle With a Local Impact

Need more information on our recycling program? Schedule a meeting or review with our team! We would be glad to help you get started today.